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Virtual Golf Sports Pub

Village Center Baldwin Park

Open 3pm Mon-Fri

12pm Sat & Sun

Caddyshanks Bottle and Draught Beer

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About CaddyShanks™

CaddyShanks isn't your average sports has everything you've come to expect from your favorite neighborhood bar!

• Tons of big screen TV's & all the Major sports packages

• Over 100 beers to choose from (View our drinks menu...)

•Virtual Golf & Racecar Simulators, Pool, Ping Pong, and Wii

CaddyShanks has created a one of kind, indoor interactive sports experience that lets you "Take it Inside".


Take It Inside!

Bring your own golf clubs or use ours!

CaddyShanks™ 2 state-of-the-art virtual golf simulators allow players to actually experience the feeling and exhilaration of a round of golf while in air-conditioned comfort.


Feel the Need for Speed?

CaddyShanks has teamed with VRX Racing to provide an amazingly realistic simulated racing experience! 

Whether you're practicing for the NASCAR tour of your dreams, or enjoying a friendly race against a buddy, CaddyShanks delivers an experience where everyone can have fun behind the wheel, regardless of your skill or dexterity!


Rack 'Em Up!

Whether you're a billiards pro, a pool novice, or fall somewhere in between, you'll love playing at CaddyShanks™ Sports Pub. There's not a cheap, quarter munching, typical bar pool table in sight!

Rent your play time on the felt by the hour (or half hour), and enjoy taking shots without those pesky quarter piles on the rail messing with your game!

Why Should Kids Have All the FUN?

Both the young, and the young at heart can enjoy playing on one of CaddyShanks™ Sports Pub - Wii gaming systems which are always FREE to use!

Show off your amazing bowling prowess, hit a few tennis balls with a friend, or knock one out of the park in the instant classic Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort games.

Table Tennis Anyone?

Friendly volleys or serves with fury are all welcome at CaddyShanks™' indoor Ping Pong table.

Bring in your friends, family or league team and enjoy those melodious "ping" and "pong" sounds when you rent table time by the hour (or half hour).

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